I had a very abusive childhood—lots of beatings, sometimes with barbed wire, boards, bats, etc. I was stabbed twice, shot once and had scars everywhere. Also, many broken bones. So at the age of 27 when I came to Christ, my body was pretty well shot. I went to a special healing night at City on the Hill with a friend. Many people went to the front for prayer, and a church lady prayed for me. I had severe arthritis in my knees, hips, back, neck, elbows and hands. She prayed over each part for the arthritis to go and within minutes, I was pain free. I went to the restroom to take off my knee braces—I had not been able to stand without them for over six years! After I removed my braces, I noticed that all the scars that had covered my body were all gone! My arms were smooth, my stomach was smooth, even the scars on my feet were gone.

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