A long while ago I was injured on the job. The MRI showed damage to my sacroiliac. Prior to this injury I was rollerblading, bodyboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and all that was over. I went to a special healing night at City on the Hill with Rev. Velda Schirhart from Georgia, and she said something that triggered inside my heart. She said that an act of faith can trigger the actual manifestation of your healing. I knew what I had to do—I had to do what I normally could not do. I had to act out in faith and put it to action myself. Right in the middle of her teaching I stood up and started bending at the waist—no pain! I stepped out in the aisle and started doing squats—no pain! I went into the hall and started up and down some stairs—no pain! Then I took off running like I had not run in years. Praise God—no pain!

-Heather Muna

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