When I was 14, I fell off the parallel bars in gym class during a dismount. I hyper-extended my back and was paralyzed. The next day I got feeling and use of my legs back. I ended up having spinal fusion at age 15. At age 34, the doctors found that a bone mass was constricting the spinal cord. Surgery was needed to correct it. At 42, the pain returned, and the doctors performed another fusion, warning me that paralysis could return. At 48, I had spinal fusion in my neck because of arthritis. The pain never went completely away.

City on the Hill had a special healing night with some ministers from Georgia. The Spirit of God came powerfully upon me, and I fell backwards into the front row of chairs, striking my spine on the same spot where I had had all the surgery. I should have been down for the count, but no pain then or now. I got up and ran around the church, running for the first time in 25 years! Thank Jesus! Thank God!

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