Towards the end of May and for most of June, I was suffering from daily headaches that were severe enough to cause me to get up in the middle of the night to take Advil so that I could sleep. The headaches would move from my eyes to the back of my head to down my neck. It got to the point where I just felt on edge all of the time, and many nights I would have to lay down and ask my husband to care for our children. I would faithfully speak scripture over my head every day, and I picked up my copy of “Christ the Healer” so as to help me fight off any fear about what the cause of the headaches could be. Finally, during worship on a Sunday morning, I decided to go up and ask for prayer. When I spoke my request, one member of the prayer team replied that he had felt strongly that someone was suffering from headaches, and he had been about to tell Pastor Steve. I replied that it was most definitely me. The prayer team also asked if I had been suffering from pain in other parts of my body. I’ve been battling different areas of pain for months, so I replied yes to that as well. The prayer guys rebuked a spirit of affliction and covered me and my family in prayer. They also gave words of encouragement. I walked away knowing that I was healed and feeling quite uplifted. It’s now been about 3 weeks since I requested prayer, and I’ve had maybe 2 headaches since then. The various other pains that I’ve been experiencing have been less and less, and I have absolutely no fear about the source of any of it. I feel like a big load has been lifted thanks to Jesus and His healing power.

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