[An excerpt from my new book]

“Why?” ”What happened?” ”How did that occur?” We’ve all had mishaps, tragedies, and things happen in our lives that were hard to handle and even harder to explain, which caused us to ask such questions. When all the smoke had cleared, we said down deep in our hearts, “That just shouldn’t have happened!”

But we continue to ask, “Was it simply meant to be? Was it Karma? Bad luck? The end result of a series of bad decisions? Are there unseen forces working against me? Was it the decision of a sovereign Judge somewhere out there in the universe?” We wonder, could the situation have been avoided? Will I face it again? Is there help? A way out? Can I recover after this tragedy bomb has exploded? Is there anything that can be solidly trusted?

Why all the mess-ups, catastrophes, and downright cruel, heart-wrenching events that continue on a daily basis? Surely a God who is paying attention could not idly stand by and allow all these daily disasters to happen.

If God’s running everything in the universe, and He’s got everything under control, are we sure He’s a full-grown Supreme Sovereign, or is He a spiritual adolescent-type of being who thinks He’ll never be accountable for His actions?

Is God the original schizophrenic?

Well, no, He isn’t! After dealing and wrestling with questions like these over the past thirty years, I’ve discovered some answers and I invite you on a journey with me as we explore and discover together some solid answers behind a lot of these “Whys?” in life.

Are you ready to move forward? Let’s go!

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