Brandon Kolb - July 19, 2020

Wake Up, Jesus Is Coming

Sunday Messages

"God is helping the Church to find her voice again, but not so she can argue on whether to wear a mask or not! DON'T BE DISTRACTED! Now is the time to lift up our voices for issues that REALLY matter to God, such as sex-trafficking currently taking place all over the nation! We’ve got believers more obsessed about a second wave of COVID-19 than they are the second coming of Christ. Wake up!”
-Jeremiah Johnson


1. False Teachers Masquerading as Genuine
2. Wars and Rumors of Wars
3. Extreme Weather, Famines, Earthquakes
4. Tsunamis
5. Increase of Wickedness
6. Love of Most Will Grow Cold
7. Gospel Preached Throughout the World
8. God’s Elect Almost Deceived by False Prophets
9. Prosperity: Buying, Selling, Planting, Building
10. Heterosexual and Homosexual Promiscuity
11. Strange Diseases
12. A Form of Godliness With a Denial of Its Power
13. An Intolerance of Sound Doctrine
14. Popularity of Teachers Who Compromise Truth
15. Increase of Travel
16. Increase of Knowledge

(Taken from Matthew 24, Luke 17 and 21, 2 Timothy 3 and 4, and Daniel 12). -Jeremiah Johnson

Why we need revival in America !

The rumbling that's going on in me is this: we need to get ready because a spiritual war is upon us !

We need to be burning with the urgency of the hour !

Are we burning for the second coming of Jesus ?

Everything that needs to wake up and look to the return of Jesus and have an urgency in our hearts !

Awake, awake, awake oh sleeper !

It’s time to stop playing religious games !

How you repent matters ! People that have been raised in legalism repent for breaking the rules, people that walk in relationship with Jesus repent for breaking his heart ! It’s all about relationship, it’s all about love, it’s about Jesus ! We need to wake up to relationship !

Scripture References: Galatians 5:16-26

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