Brandon Kolb - August 26, 2018

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We have a generation that has sensory overload because we were not designed to have the amount of information jumping out of the screen at us for hours and hours a day and not think this would be unhealthy and damaging to ourselves, our families and our friends ! What design are you living ? Something other than your heavenly design ? You are supposed to live out your heavenly design on earth ! We have to many screens coming at us all the time ! This means something has wanted to atack our thought life ! And now it has affected our psychological profile around the world and this creates a space for people to be the most angry and toxic people Viscous fueled by offense ! Are your emotions controlling your life ? Or are you controlling your emotions ? Do you know when your emotions take over ? Ask yourself this question ? Who’s driving ? Healthy emotional lifestyles are real and you live in the new normal by partnering with the truth about your life ! The 3 q’s I want you to understand when it comes to the way people think and view each other! 1. The first one is: iq What is iq ? Intellectual quotient That’s the space that you have ! The more space filled with information means higher iq intellectual quotient ! The more space to absorb information ! When you think of quotient think of quota ! We don’t all have the same database or space ! 2. The second one is: eq What is eq ? Emotional quotient That’s the space you have to fill with emotions ! This deals with the fact that you can be intellectually smart but be emotionally dwaft ! Some people are smart, they retain data ! You can be an intellectual giant but an emotional drawf ! 3. The third one is: aq What is aq ? Adaptability quotient how well do you adapt to change ? That’s the lifestyle that you allow enough space to be flexible and pliable when it comes to new experiences and encounters ! Change is inevitable, the reality is that the ones that can adapt are the ones that can thrive in that change ! Emotional stability is what we want but that when we need to partner with the spirit of truth and dive into gods word to find out how I can live with healthy emotions in this day and age ! It’s the idea and fact that there can be emotional stability !

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