Jonny Natterstad - January 27, 2019

Daddy Time - Stepping into the Cloud

Sunday Messages

We as the church place a high priority on the Presence of God. But have we lost sight of the fact the Presence is a Person, and that person is the Holy Spirit?

Often we assume that because we’ve come into contact with His Presence, we have attained some higher level of spiritual insight or greater depth of revelation about the person of God.

Yet often we miss the fact that every encounter with the Holy Spirit—whether in signs, wonders, miraculous healings, dreams, visions, or physical manifestations of His Presence are invitations into deeper levels of intimacy with God.

Rather than knowing God as Moses did in the Old Testament with face to face encounters and intimate conversations about His will, we often inadvertently become like the Children of Israel, who were content with a God whom they addressed at a distance. We have sometimes been guilty of relegating God’s place in our lives to a series of moments where he displays himself in glory before us, but we allow him to pass by while our hearts remain unchanged.

Yet if we receive each encounter with our Father’s manifest Presence as an open door into relationship with the God of the universe, then we can discovery our identities as his sons and daughters, holy, blameless, and beautiful before him—created to reflect the glory of that Holiness as a light in a darkened world.

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