Brandon Kolb - November 11, 2018

Thankful vs. Unthankful / It costs to be unthankful

Sunday Messages

Have you ever been told to stop worrying when you were worried ? How important is it to be thankful? That is a tremendous price to pay for not being thankful. When we neglect to be thankful we begin to change. 1. The heart becomes hard and selfish, and we take things for granted. 2. People forget those to whom they are not thankful for. When we do not appreciate an individual we neglect to see their worth or value, and it is the same in our relationship with God. 3. When we are not thankful for what we’ve been given we begin to take our blessings for granted, and become ungrateful. 4. And we can learn from this, Unwillingness to thank God for His great love, and mercy, will over time alienate our affections and harden our heart toward God causing us to be blinded to all that God is doing in our lives. When we neglect to give thanks, God knows that we do not appreciate what we have been given. When we do not stop from time to time to consider what we, out of this entire world have received, we cease to give thanks. We can be working to obey God, we can be blessed by God, and we can approve of God's laws and actions, but if we are not praising and thanking Him, an important aspect of our development in becoming a part of the God family is missing. Gratitude is the glue in a sense, that cements our relationship with God! To be able to give thanks, one has to review the many blessings that have been showered upon us. David and the other psalmists continued to praise and thank God for all the awesome works that He had performed on their behalf that the people might not forget His marvelous deeds and be thankful.

Scripture References: Romans 1:19-21, Psalms 136:1-26

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