Message: “Pentecost Sunday” from Brandon Kolb

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Brandon Kolb - May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday

Sunday Messages

The Church is going to come into the Bridle revelation !
A greater revelation of the Holy Spirit is coming ! Submission to the Holy Spirit and Unity to the Holy Spirit !
He’s going to burn up the chaff of dead religion !!
We need the fire of the Holy Spirit !! No one loves Holy Spirit more than Jesus !

Turn over the tables in my soul, confront me now Holy Spirit !
The Holy Spirit is the wedding planner !
Holy Spirit will be a fire on the inside of you !
Holy Spirit is a Fire not a hot tub !
Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father !
Holy Spirit confronts shame on the inside of you and delivers you from you !
He’s going to take off the dirty garments !
Holy Spirit will kill religion on the inside of you !
Holy Spirit doesn’t shop at thrift stores, you don’t get second hand redemption !
Holy Spirit is the great baptizer of FIRE !
Holy Spirit makes you hungry for more !
The first work of Holy Spirit is demolition, He must tear down before He builds up !
It’s not about religious do’s or don’ts is about intimacy ! God likes you ! It’s about relationship !
Holy Spirit and Fire ... Jesus come !!
We are going to watch the Church become an Apostolic Center on the planet ! It’s about Kingdom not church as it was before !
The Spirit and the Bride say Come ! God send revival to Colorado

Scripture References: Ephesians 5:27, Revelation 22:17

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