Message: “E-Motions – Issues of Life” from Brandon Kolb

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Brandon Kolb - September 2, 2018

E-Motions - Issues of Life

Sunday Messages

Out of the heart flow the issues of life Most of the issues we deal with in life are emotional issues and we have the tendency to try and fix emotional problems with spiritual solutions .... We dance it out, we shout it out, we praise god about it ..... But we never change the way we process through a praise ... We don’t understand the process of becoming healthy People tend to fake that everything is good, they shout, they praise but when all of that is done they have to go home and deal with the real issues ! Because out of the heart flows ..... The issues, the issues, the issues The issues of life .... Whats flowing out your heart ? I’m praying today for emotional health over every man, woman, young person and child in this place because the devil is a liar and we can live with a healthy heart ! Healthy heart healthy life ..... But to get to the healthy heart you’ve got to get to the mind because “ as a man or woman thinketh in their heart so are they.” So the heart thinks ? What is your heart thinking ? There are a lot of things that cause us to have an unhealthy heart, things of our past, hurts and trauma, failures and drama that causes us to bleed and be scared but ...... But god is a revealer of the heart and once it’s revealed then you can own it and change the way you think in your heart about god and then about yourself ! If we don’t get emotional healthy we will shipwreck every opportunity god provides through our destiny in him because we don’t have the emotional skills to operate in the atmosphere that our gift has brought us to. Our gift will bring us to a destination that our character and our emotional health is not able to maintain, so you keep getting chances but then loosing them !! Getting opportunities and loosing them because the contamination is not coming through your skill set. You can do the job well but your not emotionally healthy enough for people to trust you ! You cannot trust people that are not emotionally healthy, that's why they break your heart because their heart is broken ! Broken hearts break other peoples hearts .....

Scripture References: Proverbs 23:7, Philippians 4:6-7

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