Message: “Jesus – Encounter” from Brandon Kolb

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Brandon Kolb - July 8, 2018

Find Your Focus

Sunday Messages

Focus is a choice and how I spend my focus will determine my outcome. If I choose to focus on pain guess what the outcome is ? If I focus on how loved I am the outcome is very different! My place of great pain in the hands of god becomes a place of great power, but it’s how I use my focus through it all, that brings the very best moments to life and creates a future that has always been intended to be mine ! What you focus on you magnify What are you magnifying your focus on ? Are you magnifying what people are not or what they've got .... What they’ve got going for them ! If we are after “the god of peace will be with you in all things.” we need to ask the question today, where is my focus ? Some of you need to fix your focus ! Your focusing on the wrong things !

Scripture References: Philippians 4:6-9

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