This is a recent testimony that was emailed into us.

Hi Pastor Steve, I have been wanting to thank you for the amazing experience that is COTH. Nowhere have I been to a church that loves the Lord so much. I hope to be a lifetime member and to somehow contribute. On another note, I was able to give one of your books to a guy this morning who is a chronic drinker. Someone whom I have shared the Good News with but wasn’t able to receive it. He has been sharing in AA meetings how God somehow was ruining his life….So after much prayer (on my part) and a loving God working … my friend may be finally ready to open his mind and humble his heart. This is no small miracle as he is a heavy drinker of 35 yrs. (booze). My walk with God is an intimate one and I pray often in the Spirit. Many glimpses of Heaven have shown thru my days. As I fully submit to Him , His Mercies expound around me and I am seeing more and more lately. By learning to Rest in Him constantly, not only am I at Peace, but there is all types of love blessings all around me. At work, at play, at meeting, with family….it is just flowing. Pastor, having the correct information concerning God has set me on a wonderful path and I thank You and Pastor Jimmy for that. I remember 5yrs ago I was in the very pit of hell and something had me listening to your radio show…that was the beginning of the end of the old me. Peace and Love to you and your family. Thank you.

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