May These Two “Uncomely” Gifts Have More Abundant Comeliness!

How, therefore, does the matter stand, brethren? Whenever you come together, each one has a song or psalm, has something he wishes to teach, has a divine revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation… 1 Corinthians 14:26 Wuest

Have you ever noticed that all of the gifts of the Spirit were evident and in operation in Old Covenant days, with the exception of tongues and interpretation? These two gifts burst upon the scene from Pentecost in the Book of Acts and were prominent through the first few centuries of the Church. Then, they seemingly went dormant until you see them coming back in the late 1800’s in ministries like Maria Woodworth-Etter’s. Shortly after that, the Azusa Street Revival was accompanied with a great release of tongues and interpretations.

Healing Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, would often give three or four tongues with the interpretations as he preached his messages. Notice the value he placed on tongues, as I quote him here, “No one should come in to the door of an assembly without speaking in tongues or having a psalm, or a note of praise…I cannot estimate what I, personally, owe to the Holy Ghost method of edification. The secret is that the Holy Ghost came and brought this wonderful edification of the Spirit…and He has given me this supernatural means of speaking in an unknown tongue to edify myself, so that after being edified, I can edify the Church.”
John G Lake ministered in the early 1900’s and after five years of missions work in S. Africa he had raised up 625 churches and 1250 preachers. Here’s what he says about this subject-“I want to talk with the utmost frankness, and say to you that tongues has been the making of my ministry. Many Christians do not understand the significance of tongues.” He would regularly wake up in the middle of the night, climb out of bed, and jot down with pencil and pad wonderful interpretations from the Spirit of God.

[highlight] I want to encourage you all, and especially my fellow Pastors, to be open and aggressively desirous to see that these two distinctive gifts of tongues and interpretations have their rightful place in our assemblies again! Let’s don’t hide them away in the back rooms of church history any longer. [/highlight] They take place regularly in our services and always bring the atmosphere up into a higher spiritual level! We have a regular flow of guest speakers from the east and west coast, and they often make these comments after a tongue and interpretation is given in a service, “Wow! That was such a blessing! The anointing increased remarkably after that. Does that happen often here? We don’t see that in other meetings.” So many have told me that they go to other Spirit-filled Churches and never hear tongues given in a public meeting.

All across America so many are doing a great job teaching the next generation how to flow in healing and the prophetic. Let’s don’t leave them deficient in these two important gifts of the Spirit. My old friend, Arthur Burt, says, “You can never live in the Presence, if your greatest concern is how you live and how you look in the presence of men.” Selah.

I pray that these two great gifts of the New Covenant are a blessing and help to you and that your lives and ministries will radiate with an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God! Included below are a few tongues with interpretations that came forth in one of our recent Sunday services—-

So say this from your heart, 2013 shall be a year of love for me. Shall be a year when I draw near. Shall be a year when His sweet voice I hear. Shall be a year-a dear year-a year when I learn how to bask in the love and the intimacy of my Father God. When I learn how much He loves me and I begin to comprehend in a deeper measure how much He loves me. 2013 shall be a year of love for me. It shall be a year when I understand this is what love is. This is what love looks like. This is the way love goes.

And let that love be the motivation. Let it be that which compels you. Let it be that which moves you in compassion to those around you. Follow after the flow of love, and you will always follow after your God. Follow after the flow of love, and you’ll always do the right thing at the right time. Follow that flow of compassion. Don’t even question it. Don’t hesitate. No, no, go where moved by God. Go where you’re moved and you flow with the love of God. Let the love of God be your flow. Let others the love of God around you know. Yes, yes, let your feet be clothed with peace, but let them move in love wherever you go.

Pastor Steve Shank
Senior Pastor City on the Hill Church
Boulder, Colorado

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  • Gary Bailey, itinerant minister
    Posted August 7, 2016 4:39 pm 0Likes

    Tongues and interpretation are “signature gifts” in the Church, The “Crown Jewels” of the New Testament. They are added to the New Testament Church not to be slighted or pushed into a corner but to be front and center in EVERY Church service bringing fresh revelation to the people of God.

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