It’s time for the Supernatural move of God to hit the United States. Something is shifting in Boulder, Colorado! It will swing through a 100 mile radius. A great Revival is awakening right now!

It’s time for a Reformation Revival!

How does God see it? The way God sees: We are to see an ever increasing move of God that moves across the whole of this state Colorado and the whole of this region and the surrounding regions!

Boulder is a Revival Hub just like it was for the hippie movement in the 60’s and even more significant in 1967 the Jesus People Movement was born, 50 years ago it happened and now it’s time for another Jesus people movement! There’s coming a new Jesus People movement in this Revival Hub called Boulder Colorado!

7 State (Region) Impact and Revival

John 5 ( Pool of Bethesda) the crippled man for 38 years waiting on the stirring of the waters.
Jesus said do you want to be well? Our answer will determine everything. We say YES to you God!

38 years and now it’s time to get up and walk, get up and move! Gods asking Boulder do you want to be well? It’s time for the crippled church to be healed and well. It’s time to get up!

It will be much like the Jesus people movement, because it will come through people you never thought possible! You never imagined this could happen in Boulder!

Don’t make the people what there not, in other words don’t force people to be what there not supposed to be ! God is going to use the people of Boulder and their talents for his glory!

Ezekiel 47 “where the river flows there is life.” Get ready because Boulder is coming alive and healed! Boulder will be healed and made whole. It’s a revival river!

Today is the beginning of new seasons, it’s a Supernatural new level!

Friday Night

Saturday Morning – Pastor’s discussion on revival in our cities

Saturday Night

Sunday Morning



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