Come this Sunday morning to both services and listen to mind-blowing testimonies from Jason Chin.

Jason Chin is a 3rd year graduate from Bill Johnson’s Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding Ca. He currently is a ministry associate with revivalist Kevin Dedmon at Bethel Church. Jason believes the Gospel of Jesus without power is not ”good news”. We teach, train and equip the everyday believer to live a supernatural lifestyle of evangelism.

During the last four years he has lead a weekly supernatural outreach at Bethel Church called “Treasure Hunts”. Jason co-oversees that supernatural activation at Bethel School of Supernatual Ministry. All age groups, all personality types, all nationalities are trained to walk in the miracle working power and love of Jesus.

God shows up through the “very special” everyday believer. They witness (Isaiah 61) radical physical healings, miracles, salvations and people being set free!  Jason has the privilege of speaking at schools of supernatural evangelism around the country. He recently started training churches around the globe via SKYPE in supernatural evangelism. Jason’s main passion is for the entire body of Christ to experience heaven now and release God’s good mood everywhere they “GO”.  His favorite thing to do is to behold Jesus!

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  • mario
    Posted January 15, 2019 8:16 am 0Likes

    Hi Jasen Chin

    All your testimony on God healing amputees, please can you give us one documented proof that limbs have grown.

    here seems to be no recorded or verifiable accounts that God does miracles today and does miracles by growing peoples limbs?

    This would be really a great help in convincing people that limbs are part of Gods healing power today.

    God Bless

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