We are honored to have world evangelist Jim Rogers with us again on February 24th at 6pm. In 2012, Jim saw about 40 healed of leprosy, 150 had their arms, hands, feet, and legs miraculously restored / recreated and many who had metal screws, pins, and plates in their bodies were healed and all the metal disappeared – glory to Christ the healer!

Jim Rodgers - healing

Jim will preach a message on healing, followed by ministry time to pray for those who are sick and need healing.

Jim is a prophetic, healing evangelist with a worldwide ministry called Experiencing His Presence.

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  • Gail Weaver
    Posted February 11, 2013 3:12 pm 0Likes

    Jim, Lesa Wade is a good friend of mine and she introduced us at Bridgeway when I was visiting last year, I have been praying at Bethesda Medical Center for our soldiers. I need a fresh shipment of arms and legs for these heroes who are also amputees. Last week I sat at a luncheon table with about ten soldiers who had two, three and four limbs amputated.

    How do i get into the “Spare Parts Room in Heaven? I have to find the Key. Is. 22:22 Can you help me?


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