Don’t Be an Oxymoron

“An oxymoron?  I’m not sure I know what that is?  Describe it for me, please.”

Oxymoron originates from the Greek language and means – pointedly or keenly foolish; an oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words.  Here’s a series of oxymorons that have been spoken by people:

“I like humanity, but I hate people.”

“I’m a boring entertainer, who speaks meaningful nonsense.”

“I had a sinfully good time, and now I’m kind of pregnant.”

“I made a massively small mistake and then let out a silent scream.  Then, in order to cover my tracks, I told a sincere lie.”

“That’s such a beautiful ugly person, and thank God I am an atheist!”


So, as we can see, an oxymoron is an obvious contradiction.  Which brings me to the point of this article – quite often when you ask a Christian, “Do you believe God can do anything?” they will respond, “Why yes, He’s God isn’t He?  God can do anything!”

Then, when I proceed to tell them some of the things my friends and I have seen God do they say, “Well – I don’t believe that!”  So, they put themselves in the category of an unbelieving believer or an oxymoron.

For instance, we once prayed over a crowd of villagers in India and blind and deaf people were healed, along with a lady who had elephantitis in one of her legs.  Her leg was reduced back down to the normal size of her other leg.  The Lord Jesus did all this in a matter of about five minutes in response to our believing prayers.

Last year, one of my friends who prays for the sick a lot in Pakistan and North East African nations, saw a group of about 35 lepers healed in 15 minutes time.  Not only did their leprosy leave, but their noses, ears, lips, fingers and toes were supernaturally grown back by the Lord as well!  What blessed him the most was that after the crowd saw these former untouchables healed, they hugged them, kissed them, and wept with joy and gratitude over them.

In the two testimonies cited above, these people who were healed were not Christians.  After the healings were witnessed, many of them made decisions to follow Jesus; at the risk of losing their lives, jobs, and most certainly suffering persecution.

As we move closer and closer to the Second Coming of our Lord, testimonies like these will become more and more common.  Indeed, is there anything the Lord our God cannot do?

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh:  is there anything too hard for me?”  Jeremiah 32:27

God can and will do all kinds of things that we gladly will place in the “mind-blowing” category.  So, instead of finding ourselves in the undesirable state of an oxymoron, an unbelieving believer, let’s say along with the apostles, “Lord increase our faith” Luke 17:5 and pray for one another what is commended by Apostle Paul, “That our faith grows exceedingly.”  2 Thessalonians 1:3

And may it never be said of any of us, “There goes an unbelieving believer – an oxymoron.”

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