Don’t you love to go on adventures? I think I’ve always been an adventuresome person. My wife, Chanler, and I lived for ten years at 9200 ft in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In our spare time we loved to leash up our two Huskies and our Alaskan malamute and launch out on one of the many trails in our area. We would sometimes discover an old settler’s cabin and wonder what it must have been like to be a trailblazer back in the 1860’s. On many of our hikes we would discover a new valley full of wildflowers or come upon a panoramic view of majestic peaks we’d never seen before.

It was an adventure for us to come to Boulder, Colorado and start a new church at the age of 26. I assume that you know that Boulder is considered the San Francisco of the Rockies and is not so fondly called, “The Peoples Republic of Boulder.” We took the love and healing power of Jesus to the hippies, yuppies, college students, professors, and soon fell in love with this zany city!

My first missions trip at the age of 30 was quite an adventure! I had never been out of the USA, not even Canada or Tijuana, so going to India proved to be the ultimate cultural shock experience for me. I remember sitting on the banks of the massive Godavari River one evening and asking myself, “Is this for real? Am I in a movie or experiencing a dream?” I was there for a month and each day was an adventure in itself! Nearly every day we would see the blind, deaf, or crippled healed and the demonized set free. It was as if God was writing a sequel to the Book of Acts! That first missions trip proved to be quite a life changing adventure for me.

At the age of 37 it was quite an adventure to smuggle Bibles into Communist China. The Chinese people seemed to be living in a tension-filled pressure cooker. Fear and suspicion had a grip on their hearts and minds. I was only able to get a smile out of one little female shopkeeper. What a privilege, though, to be able to leave 2500lbs of Bibles with those precious people.

One of my greatest blessings and adventures was going to Russia in 1991 when it was still under Communism. We had the liberty of bringing the Good News of Jesus to people on the streets, in university auditoriums, and in football stadiums. Never in my life had I seen such a favorable response from all ages of people! I gave one little grandmother her first Bible in Russian and she hugged me and kissed me with tears streaming down her cheeks. Priceless!

Now, as I enter the last half of my life, it is my desire to impart into the up and coming generations what God has so graciously placed into me. Whether it be in churches, Bible schools, YWAM bases, or in living rooms, I hope to meet many of you and help launch you into your own future adventures with God!

Pastor Steve

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