Olga Kostin


Olga Kostin (Ольга Костина) is a 2004 graduate of “Russian-American Christian University” and an active team member of “Village Gospel Harvest.” She has been trained and raised up by Bishop Natasha Schedrivaya to reach the villages of Russia – especially the villages surrounding her hometown of “Vyatskiye Polyany.” With her husband, Oleg, as her ministering partner, they reach out to these villages through evangelistic meetings held in local cinemas, prisons, nursing homes, and youth ministry which includes evangelistic summer camps for children, school lectures, and church youth group meetings.

Olga and Oleg have a heart to love people into the Kingdom. They have favor with people of all ages but especially with children. Olga has said, “If I never have any children of my own, I know I have been blessed with many “spiritual children” and that is quite fulfilling.”

Ministry needs:
– Prayer – safety/protection as they minister in these villages (the Russian Orthodox priests are not welcoming to the Gospel and are known to throw rocks at the speakers and also disrupt meetings as a whole), health and provision with the new addition to their small family, more and more favor with the people and the government in general.
– Finances – living and travel expenses.