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Operation Care Package

Operation Care Package

This week we are starting. “ Operation Care Package”
We want to make sure our family at City On The Hill is getting encouragement, and support during this time. We have created an opportunity to bless those in need of food and supplies that are not able to afford it or are not going to the store. We have volunteers who are mobile and ready to assemble and deliver Care Packages of food and supplies starting this week!

> We have enough volunteers to put the care packages together and deliver requested items.

> We need volunteers to donate food, supplies, money and gift cards

> Donations can be taken to the church cafe Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12:00-3:00pm, NOTE: the only door open are the wood doors closest to the street. Take inside to the cafe and drop them off and leave.

> Those who have requests please Email your need to these three emails,, donnasdugan@yahoo.comm, be sure to give us the items you need with your email, phone number and address.

> If you want to donate food & supplies or gift cards to King Soopers, please contact the above emails so we can update you with the needs as they come in.