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Two Powerful Twins

There are two words I want you to focus on this year: Reset / Restore God wants you to operate and function at an optimal level; to be functioning at 100% capacity. “Lord, reset any area of my life that is not functioning exactly as it should.

The Power of Community

THE POWER OF OF DOING LIFE TOGETHER WITH SOMETHING IN COMMON. SUSTAINING A SUPERNATURAL ENVIRONMENT. IT’S ABOUT A LIFESTYLE AND CULTURE OF HONOR Ecclesiastes 4:8-12 One is no fun, two are better than one … and three are better than just me, and of course four even more…… and so on and so on! Where…

Thriving in the Right Environment

The Church was God’s idea and remember, He wants a Family.  This is a year of deepening relationships in the Church community.  Community enhances you are is the Environment God created for you to thrive in!

Strength Renewed – Vigor

This message begins with a prophetic Dream and Vision that flows into Job 33:25 ESV “Let his flesh become fresh with youth; let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.”

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Hope Never Disappoints

Faith and Hope are working! Your prayers are being active, and working. The trouble – the trail – is not stronger than the God of your Hope. “hope does not disappoint,” and your miracle, victory, testimony is on the other side of Hope.