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Natasha Schedrivaya

Bishop Natasha shares a message highlighting ISAIAH 42:1  “Behold! My servant whom I uphold, My elect One in Whom My soul delights!” You will also hear what god is doing in the former USSR.  Natasha shares about an abused Christian wife whose drunken husband fires a gun at her point blank and God’s invisible shield…

Joy pt. 4 – A Continuous State of Joy

What’s coming against you at this particular time? What are you challenged and being threatened by? What’s been keeping you up with worry at night? God wants you to laugh with Him about it! Tap into the joy of the Lord! Put on the garment of praise and wear it continually. “Don’t just be a…

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Faith in His Blood for you

God gave up Jesus for us – as the only One who could win forgiveness for your sins. Because Jesus come forward as our substitute, God treats us as if we were innocent!

The Blood Applied

God receives you, loves you, He accepts you – counts you worthy and forgiven because of Jesus’ shed blood. Your faith is ineffective and won’t work if you have no confidence, so put your confidence in His blood. The blood of Jesus silences the voices of condemnation and accusation!