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Thriving in the Right Environment

The Church was God’s idea and remember, He wants a Family.  This is a year of deepening relationships in the Church community.  Community enhances you are is the Environment God created for you to thrive in!

Strength Renewed – Vigor

This message begins with a prophetic Dream and Vision that flows into Job 33:25 ESV “Let his flesh become fresh with youth; let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.”

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Let’s go for it!

Bible Hope paints the picture of what you want to be living in someday – soon! Our lives release the sights and sound of what we see in our hearts. Whatever you think and dwell on will bear fruit.

Can you see it?

Bible Hope always has to do with what’s not yet seen – a future thing to come. It’s your desired goal. It’s an inner image of things desired. What you see inwardly is what you get outwardly.