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Jeff and Roxana Sherrill

Costa Rica

At present, I have been ministering for over 33 years and on the foreign mission field full-time for about 30 of those 33. My wife and I have been living in Costa Rica along with our three children; Brandon 20, Benji 18 & Desi 13. We have been ministering in Central & South America and the Caribbean for those thirty years. Our thrust for several years has been to make disciples of the etnias (nations) with which we have been involved, we have faithfully executed this via; Bible School instruction, Pastoral Servant-hood Conferences, Pastoral-Mentorial programs and evangelism.

Our phases of ministry are:

  1. Pastoral Servant-hood Bible Conferences –
    1. These consist of ministering in different countries such as; Cuba, Nic., Panamá, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia etc.
    2. We attend the areas of need with biblical, applicative themes to give the participant some much needed ammunition to combat false dogma, fabled ideologies and impractical theories regarding their worldview and church life.
  2. Mutual Faith Bible Schools –
    1. These are Bible Schools in 10 different countries and just over 5,000 students are located in Central, South America and in Sevilla, Spain.
    2. The objective is to provide instruction for the serious student to get founded Biblically, to be able to correspond logically and thoroughly from Scripture in the areas of ministry he/she may feel led to pursue. The full course is accredited.
  3. Pastoral Mentorial & Discipleship Program –
    1. I meet two to three times weekly with different pastors at different levels of their walk and vocational experience to be an aid and support to them. The areas of support we offer are council in:

Financial, Marital Relational, Theological, Ethical, Methodological We continue to remain faithful by the grace of God and are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference!

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